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Great Lakes/
St. Lawrence Seaway


The Saint Lawrence Seaway is probably best known to philatelists for the famous invert variety of the commemorative issued by Canada on June 26, 1959 to celebrate the opening of the system. A mint copy sold in 2020 at Sparks Auctions for CDN$10 530 and used copy for CDN$5 610. Sadly, my stamp budget will not permit me to add this stamp to my collection, but there are many other more affordable stamps, covers and postcards that can be used to build a philatelic tour of the seaway and connecting waterways of the Great Lakes that permit ocean-going vessels to sail 3700 kilometres into the heart of the North American continent. This site will present some highlights of that tour.


Canada United States 1959 Joint Issue First Day Covers

Paquebot Cancellations

The River

The Invert I Will Never Own


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